Basic Consultancy/Training Package

This is the starting point in our relationship with you. We begin by assessing where you are now, where you want to get to, make a rough assessment of the costs involved, and set a general plan to reach your goals. We also analyse your business as a whole, and identify the areas of business in which we recommend you need help and training, (either for yourself or your team). We will then carry out 6 separate training sessions on the key areas to be addressed, to ensure you fully understand all the issues, and what you should be doing to make them change for the better.

Ongoing Training

If after the initial sessions you feel you need more ad.hoc training, we can set up customised sessions to work on the more testing areas for change.

Workshops/General Training Days

These will be held at regular intervals throughout the year, aimed at businesses in general rather than at specific enterprises. If appropriate you can tap into these, where it will further add to you and your team’s knowledge.

Training Days (3hrs)- Sales

– Marketing

– Customer Service

2 Day Workshops covering the building blocks of a successful business

Strategic Planning Days

Monthly/Quarterly Non Executive Role

By using our non-executive services, we can facilitate and run senior management/board meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis, or indeed combine the two. The return on investment for spending the time on constructive and structured meetings will be immediately noticeable and significant.

Monthly (2 ½-3hrs)

Quarterly (5-6hrs)